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Monday, March 2, 2015

Working With Autosomal Traits; their impact on phenotypes

Working With Autosomal Traits;
their impact on phenotype

Heterozygous Asian Blau (Ab) Heterozygous Stoerzbach (s) Vienna Lowersword

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March 3, 2015

Basic swordtails are typically comprised of Roundtail (Rndt) + Lower Sword (Ls) / Double Sword (Ds) / Top Sword (Ts).  Some Ds strains commonly incorporate the addition of Speartail (Sp) and express as Triple Swords.  It is common knowledge that Pigmentierte Caudalis (Cp) + Ds / Ls / Ts = Broadtails in various configurations.  What do these traits have in common?  They are all considered sex-linked.

Autosomal traits are most often discussed in relationship to their effects on body colors &/or pattern.  In turn, have been used to create a host of both new phenotypes and variations upon old over the last two decades by breeders who work beyond the limitations often imposed by show standards.  Control of traits in body and finnage is generally considered to be separate and distinct.  But this distinction is not always written in stone.

The addition of "full body" autosomal traits can alter expected caudal phenotypes in conjunction with other autosomal &/or sex-link traits for finnage.  In example, the following Stoerzbach (s) male:   At first glance he looks to be expressing both a small delta tail and a lower sword at the same time.  In reality, his caudal phenotype is the product of:  Ls + Ts + s.  Not Cp + Ds.

Homozygous Stoerzbach Vienna Lowersword
 with X & Y-links for yellow color pigment in finnage

Homozygous Stoerzbach Vienna Lowersword
 with X & Y-links for yellow color pigment in finnage

Homozygous Stoerzbach Vienna Lowersword
 with X & Y-links for yellow color pigment in finnage

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