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Friday, November 18, 2016

Poecilia reticulata: Domestic Breeder Trait Matrix Reference Guide

Poecilia reticulata:  Domestic Breeder Trait Matrix Reference Guide

Database Maintained by Alan S. Bias & Carl Groenewegen.
© Alan S. Bias & Carl Groenewegen.
November 17, 2016

Permission granted for nonprofit reproduction or duplication of photos and text with proper credit for learning purposes only.

Note: All photos by author(s), from published research, or by express permission of owners (unlisted for size).

Purpose: The purpose of the publication is to provide Domestic Guppy breeders with a Scientifically Published (primary) and Breeder Documented (secondary) Knowledge Base. One that will encompass known Genetics, Genetic normals, abnormals & anamolies, Wild-Type & Domestic precursor traits for color & pattern. It does not attempt to decipher specific phenotypes. Only provide the means to understand them.

Updates: Periodic as old or new knowledge is acquired or published. Suggestions and input welcome with source documentation and photos to or

Column A - Reference Name:  By Scientific Description if formally published, Breeder Terminology if Not Published.

Column B - Trait Type:  Listed by Categories; Genetic - Normal / Abnormal, Body - Color / Pattern, Finnage - Color / Pattern, Finnage - Shape, Wild-Type Research.

Column C - Formal Genotype:  Published Putative Genotype.

Column D - Informal Breeder Genotype:  Documented Breeder Putative Genotype.

Column E - Mode of Inheritance:  By Formal Publication, if lacking Breeder Documentation or Suspicion.

Column F - Description of Interactions:  Brief Description of Trait in Abstract.

Column G - Other Names:  Also Known As or See Other Linked / Similar Trait(s) Reference Name.

Column H - Formal Publication:  By Author(s) / Year(s).

Columns I & J - Examples:  Photo's or Drawings from Research first, Evidentuary Photo second.


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  1. incredibly useful, your posts here are the single most accessible and helpful information on guppy genetics. I just want to thank you for your generous and helpful sharing of so much otherwise hard-to-obtain information.