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Friday, November 18, 2016

Poecilia reticulata: Domestic Breeder Trait Matrix Reference Guide

Poecilia reticulata:  Domestic Breeder Trait Matrix Reference Guide

Database Maintained by Alan S. Bias & Carl Groenewegen.
© Alan S. Bias & Carl Groenewegen.
November 17, 2016

Permission granted for nonprofit reproduction or duplication of photos and text with proper credit for learning purposes only.

Note: All photos by author(s), from published research, or by express permission of owners (unlisted for size).

Purpose: The purpose of the publication is to provide Domestic Guppy breeders with a Scientifically Published (primary) and Breeder Documented (secondary) Knowledge Base. One that will encompass known Genetics, Genetic normals, abnormals & anamolies, Wild-Type & Domestic precursor traits for color & pattern. It does not attempt to decipher specific phenotypes. Only provide the means to understand them.

Updates: Periodic as old or new knowledge is acquired or published. Suggestions and input welcome with source documentation and photos to or

Column A - Reference Name:  By Scientific Description if formally published, Breeder Terminology if Not Published.

Column B - Trait Type:  Listed by Categories; Genetic - Normal / Abnormal, Body - Color / Pattern, Finnage - Color / Pattern, Finnage - Shape, Wild-Type Research.

Column C - Formal Genotype:  Published Putative Genotype.

Column D - Informal Breeder Genotype:  Documented Breeder Putative Genotype.

Column E - Mode of Inheritance:  By Formal Publication, if lacking Breeder Documentation or Suspicion.

Column F - Description of Interactions:  Brief Description of Trait in Abstract.

Column G - Other Names:  Also Known As or See Other Linked / Similar Trait(s) Reference Name.

Column H - Formal Publication:  By Author(s) / Year(s).

Columns I & J - Examples:  Photo's or Drawings from Research first, Evidentuary Photo second.


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Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016 IFGA Annual Show Photos and Results

2016 IFGA Annual Show Photos and Results

© Alan S. Bias
Permission granted for nonprofit reproduction or duplication of photos and text with proper credit for learning purposes only. November 6, 2016

For over 50 years the highlight of the North American yearly show circuit has been the International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA) Annual Show.  Rotated yearly between regional member clubs this show serves several purposes. First, it offers both active IFGA members and non-member Guppy enthusiasts a chance to see the results of pedigree Domestic Guppy breeding programs first hand. Second, a time to acknowledge and distribute overall and class championship awards to breeders. Third, a place for the IFGA to conduct business at its Annual Meeting.  Fourth, and often the most important a location for new and old breeders to re-acquaint with each other and simply talk about Domestic Guppy breeding.

This years show was hosted by one of the premier North American clubs, Michigan Guppy Breeders, Sep. 30 - Oct. 2, 2016 in Romulus, Michigan, USA.  With 709 entries the show was a very successful event.  Yet this number is a bit misleading, as it includes not only single entries, but also matched male and breeder entries.  So, the actual number of fish entered was well over 1000.

One of the more notable events at this years show occurred with Dave Polunas winning Best of Show (BOS) male, and Best of Show (BOS) Tank with well bred IFGA Purple delta's.  I am also happy to mention that Dave Polunas was honored by Guppy Associates International Chicago with their yearly awarding of Guppyman (person) of The Year.  This for his many years of dedication and service to the IFGA and support of Domestic Guppy breeding. Well deserved old friend...

An accomplishment well worth mentioning is Simeon Bonev's back to back winning of IFGA Grand Overall Male for 2016 & 2015.  A friend and fellow Swordtail Breeder, he continually professes, "I don't really like Swordtails".  Many of you will recognize Simeon from his attendance and support of recent World Guppy Contest shows.  Well done...
While emphasis at IFGA shows normally focuses on Delta Tail males, it should be noted females have always played an important part in number of entries.  A few examples from this years 100+ Annual Show females entries.

Another often overlooked class at IFGA shows are Swordtails, it should be noted Swords have also played an important part in number of entries with an ever increasing presence as a result of dedicated breeders.  I'm happy to say that the IFGA is again addressing the issue of adding other non-delta classes to its shows going forward.   A few examples from this years 58 Annual Show Swordtail entries.

It is nice to see renewed interest in several classes which have been on the decline in recent years at IFGA competitions.  One of my perennial favorites the IFGA Yellow Delta with 21 entries, most often comprised of either Schimmelpennig Platinum or Micariff phenotypes.  A set of Schim Plat Yellow delta breeding's has been an ongoing side project in my fishroom for the last year.  Now in F2 and backcross, time will tell if a delta will hold my interest long enough to produce a final result.

For more photos see Rocky Mountain Guppy Associates:

For IFGA membership and access to the Monthly IFGA Bulletin:

Feed those youngsters well, change the water often, clean those filters, and cull heavily.
Next years show season will be here sooner than you think...


Saturday, August 13, 2016

19th World Guppy Contest (WGC), Vienna Austria

19th World Guppy Contest (WGC), Vienna Austria
August 22-28, 2016

© Alan S. Bias
Permission granted for nonprofit reproduction or duplication of photos and text with proper credit for learning purposes only.
August 12, 2016
Metallic Blond Bunt Lowersword, bred by Alan S.Bias

Do you breed and maintain Guppies to any set standard found around the world?  If so, you should consider the opportunity that exists this month in Vienna, Austria.  As a breeder you have the chance not only to exhibit your strain, but also introduce yourself and in turn promote your breeding program at a true world level.  In doing so, you will find a place for strains that commonly fit into accepted classes in North America, and those that don’t.

The 19th World Guppy Contest (WGC) is a show that goes beyond local, state, regional and national level competition.  It makes a sincere attempt to encompass set standards found among established Domestic Guppy breeding associations worldwide.  WGC shows are geared to accept an array of Guppy color, pattern, and finnage phenotypes.   

WGC shows, sponsored under the auspices of the World Guppy Association (WGA) traditionally occur only once a year.  The WGA relies upon the volunteer efforts of a governing board comprised of elected officers, delegates, host clubs, judges and most importantly breeders from around the World for support in this annual event.

1996: 01. WGC, Osaka/Japan
1997: 02. WGC, Nuremberg/Germany
1998: 03. WGC, Milwaukee/USA
1999: 04. WGC, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil
2000: 05. WGC, Vienna/Austria
2001: 06. WGC, Prague/Czech
2002: 07. WGC, Nuremberg/Germany
2003: 08. WGC, Santos/Brasil
2004: 09. WGC, Milwaukee/USA
2005: 10. WGC, Taipei/Taiwan
2006: 11. WGC, Prague/Czech
2007: 12. WGC, Brasilia/Brazil
2009: 13. WGC, Ferrara/Italy
2010: 14. WGC, Belo Horizonte/Brazil
2011: 15. WGC, Boston/USA
2012: - No Show
2013: 16. WGC, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
2014: 17. WGC, Tianjin/China
2015: 18. WGC, Tampa/USA
2016:  19. WGC, Vienna Austria

IFGA Green Delta

In the early 1970’s as a young Guppy breeder one of my favorite publications was Portrait Of The Guppy (1967), By Larry Konig.  I have read this publication many times over since that time, and occasionally pull it out, though these days in digital .pdf format, for a quick glance.

From this publication I was made aware of the early diversity in Guppy phenotypes, emerging genetic knowledge, and more importantly the existence of clubs at the local and national level.  Though living in a remote region, by US standards, it would be a number of years before I became associated with the International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA), successor to the American Guppy Association (AGA).  Starting in the late 1950’s members of the AGA put together initial standards for showing Guppies.  From which, the IFGA, later expanded upon and periodically updates into current North American standards.

Of all the topics covered in Konig’s publication, several comments in his final page of review have stood out in my mind through the years.

First, he made a comment, “not everyone who has been successful is willing to help his or her fellow hobbyist.  That is human nature and we’ll just have to grin and bear it.”

Second, “it is no crime to be stumped by a question, but it is very unfair to pass along improper information.”

Third, “this is a wonderful hobby, especially when shared with our friends.  But the easiest way to lose friends, and for the Society to lose members, is by misinformation.  It leads to a loss of interest by the affected persons.” [emphasis added].

Forth, “we are doing better each year, due to the fact that more and more people are breeding and experimenting with stock from the best breeding strains available, and are often willing to share their good results with fellow hobbyists.” [emphasis added].

Entry of your stocks in WGC competitions not only garners recognition of your  breeding efforts, it offers breeders around the world an opportunity to continue and expand upon your results.  At the completion of judging entries are auctioned or sold to attending breeders with a common interest.

Are you open minded and agreeable to accept results based on diverse standards and opinions of a group of knowledgeable breeder judges?  Then help promote Guppy breeding within the constraints of an ever growing worldwide community of breeders, by considering the opportunity this show presents.  Show your support as an independent North American or IFGA breeder by sending some entries to this truly unique and worldwide event.
There are no entry fees for entry in the 19th WGC being held in Vienna, Austria from August 22-28, 2016.  If you are interested in entering several of your fish that best exemplify  breeding results, you may contact Frank Chang, Simeon Bonev or myself, Alan S. Bias.  We will personally handle cost, transport and entry through Austrian Customs of your fish to Vienna.

But, you must make arrangements quickly and ship to one of us by the end of next week.  All three of us may be contacted via Facebook messaging to make needed arrangements.

Grey Purple Body Mutation Lowersword, bred by Alan S.Bias
Grey Asian Blau Purple Body Mutation Lowersword, bred by Alan S.Bias

General Show Information -

References:  Portrait Of The Guppy (1967), By Larry Konig.  E.G. Publishing Co., P.O. Box 294, Eliabeth, NJ, USA  07207.


Don't forget the final show of the IFGA show season hosted
by Deep South Fancy Guppy Associates.  Mufreesboro, TN.  August 20-21, 2016.


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